Top Ten Android Games For Free

If you are holding an android device in hand then there is no doubt that, you got plethora of options to download when it comes to games. Among many free games for android phone, I have come up with an article about top ten android games. Therefore, let us not waste any more time and look at the best android free games.

Top ten android games

1. Candy  Crush Saga

top ten android games

This is one of the best android free games in the market. It is completely addictive with amazing puzzles. It requires you for switching and matching candy bits so that you make them vanish in more than 100 adventure levels.


★ Tasty graphics, which leaves you ambitious for more

★ It is fun and easy to play. However, it has challenging levels

★ It has more than 100 amazing levels

★ Leader boards for the players

★ Items to release by finishing levels

★ Charms and boosters to assist with many challenging levels

★ Seamless synchronization along with Facebook versions

Download Here

2. Lazors

free games for android phone

Lazors are one of the best android free games with beautiful puzzles that have been developed with the idea of some reflecting beams of laser. The game might seem little primitive, however in reality the game holds plethora of thrilling levels.


★ It has more than 200 amazing levels

★ It is a intuitive game play

★ It has High Definition graphics

★ All you need to do is to move those blocks that reflects laser beams and then hit targets

Download Here

3. 4 Pics 1 Word

best android free games

Yet another good one in my top ten android games list is none other than 4 Pics. It is generally an easy game to play with. You are accurately given a collection of four high quality stock pictures and then should guess that word connecting all the pictures. Players are then given little hints with letters in a word that is been shown. If players still do not get the right answer then they need the alternative for connecting to Facebook in order to wait for someone or friend for assisting them out.

★ It is the best android free games involving complete fun

★ There is no need for a player to register and there are no difficult rules

★ It occupies 21 MB in your android device

★ It is absolutely free and easy

Download Here

4. Temple Run 2

top ten android games


★ Wonderful new graphics

★ Gorgeous fresh organic environments

★ New obstacles

★ More power-ups

★ More achievements

★ Special powers on each character

★ Bigger monkeys

Download Here

5. Doodle Jump

top ten android games


★ Many new fantastic worlds for a player to play with

★ It has worlds associated with Jungle, underwater, soccer, ice, Halloween, Ninja, space and Easter

★ It has awesome power ups like rockets, trampolines, propeller hats, jet packs etc.

★ Some trippy obstacles like UFO, monsters and black holes

★ Fun achievements

How should you  play?

Tilt for moving right or left and tap at the screen in order to shoot.

Download Here

6. Parking Mania

best android free games

This is one of the best free games for android phones. Car parking with this game is absolutely fun. This puzzle app manages to control your car by just tilting in proper direction and then using the right thumb to accelerate (you can then edit controls from menu also). The result of this game is that it is very easy for learning but harder to master. It has more than 80 cars.

Download Here

7. Toy Truck Rally 3D

free games for android phone

This is yet another best android free games that renders 3D environment. You have to dodge the obstacles and then gain power ups, bonuses and boosts. The truck controls through accelerometer or touch methods that works right for you.

Download Link

8. Subway Surfers

best android free games

Just like Temple Run, yet another best among top ten android games is Subway Surfers. In this game, you will find a character running through subway track, gathering coins. You need to avoid trains, while being pursued with railway cop as well as dog.

Download Here

9. Manuganu

top ten android games

Manuganu is yet another best free games for android phone with striking graphics, where you will be controlling an Indian character throughout a range of landscapes.


★ It platforms Wall sliding, breaking up stone blocks, double jumping, rolling actions

★ It comprises of 30 amazing levels with unique design

★ It has 2 button controls and sensitive swipe controls

★ Three unique environments

★ Fun 3D graphics

Download Here

10. Angry Birds

top ten android games

Angry Birds is well known than the other top ten android games in this list.


★ It has direct links to social websites

★ Unique environments

★ Striking graphics

Download Here

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