Top Free RPG Games For Android

In android since the Operating was on its starting stage, you can’t find a high quality games with amazing visuals, But now the scenario has changed. Finding the great even awesome android has become very easier. You can enjoy the same experience as with the console video games. From the year 2010 to until now, number of free phone aps for android is sprouting like mushrooms in the Google Play store.  It is pooled with several thousands of smaller as well as robust games.

In the world of gaming, The RPG genre is been growing and on the rising phase ever since it has been introduced in the android platform. There are countless numbers of rpg games are available. Here I have listed few of them that are worth playing in your android phone and tablet.

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This game has topped in many of the best android rpg games list just because of its characters and story line. In this game, you will be assumed as a small boy taking up the quest on finding what happened to the virtual world in the near past. This game will make you to roll back yourself and visit so many places where you will meet relentless wavering of enemies. (I call them as interesting foes).  This game will tie you hard with the playing. It offers a great control over the game play.

Path of a Warrior – Imperial Blood

Imperial blood RPG/ RTS game deserves the title of best android rpg games of the year. In multiplayer environment, it can be played with the greater control. In this game you have handful of quests to complete and uncountable number of enemies to defeat.  Since it’s a multiplayer game, you can continue your quest with all the other people worldwide. If you are familiar with the Fallout 2 or some other similar games this path of rpg free phone apps will seem very interesting to you.


Well we can say this as best free phone apps not as a game. Since it allows you to play many good ones, it fits the list of top free games for android. Some of you might not have heard of this free phone apps but fear not. This apps is voted by 7/10 game lovers. Graphics provided with the Gamebopid is pretty old but still you can play more of them interestingly. If you have grown up with the Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo consoles, certainly you will like to replay these games on our new modern devices.

Golden Sun

Golden Sun is worth to be added in the list of best android rpg games. Story line of this rpg games starts from the mages which are sent to protect the city from the alchmy destruction. This game have so many unique significant features. Download and install this gamboid  rpg game on your android device. Definitely you will enjoy this retro RPG free phone apps.

Chrono Trigger

In order to play this top free games for android, your android device should be installed with the SNES simulator (available at free of cost). As this Chrono Trigger is stated as one of best android rpg games, players will love to replay this fame on their modern android devices. To be frank, it is a simple game, but I can assure you, it will satisfy your hunger on rpg games. Start to play, you will feel never boring. Once you get into this game and starts to battle with the different foes, you will recommend this game as one of the best game in the world ever to all of your gaming companions.

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