Top 8 Best Games For Android Phone

With the great availability of apps and games for android phones in the Google Play Store, everyone have started to prefer android devices over all other operating system. With the immense of popularity created for various apps, application developers had already understood the necessity of android operating system. Now it’s time for android game developers to explore their creativity in this competitive market. Developing games especially developing for android is more fun and beneficial in this recent market trend. If you are a serious programmer, there is more android game tutorial made available in the cyberspace. You can make use of it.

developing for android

When it comes to games for android, HD games come with the high price tag. However, if you see the clarity and high quality offered with these games, you will this price is just negligible. Google play is surrounded with millions of android games. So it is tough for any android user to decide on which one to buy and which one to omit. To help you with it, here I have compiled a list of top 10 games for android phones.

No 1: Mini Squadron

In this Shooting game, in order to establish their kingdom, so many planes will play around the city. Mini Squadron is designed such that it attracts everyone with its flying adventures & stunts. If you have an android mobile with wifi access, this multiplayer game will become one of the must have games for android phones.


I bet this game will serve as the best racing game ever.  This 3D game is HD optimized. When you play this multi player game against the skill full A1 drivers, you will get a feel of you are driving the car in a real road race.  To run this game on your android mobile, you will need more storage.

No 3: EA FIFA 2010

This game comes with the variety of features. Team names & logos you see in this game is a licensed one. Certainly, you will enjoy the breath taking graphics and animation. For this wonderful play station game all they require is just $7.


To play this game on your mobile device, you will need 1 GHZ processor. It also requires 2 GB of free space. File length of NFS SHIFT is really vast so it is recommended to download on to your SD card, instead of your Internal phone memory.

No 5: Backstab

If you are an action game loving fan, you are going to like it like anything. This brand new HD game is designed with the full of slaughtering and revenge theme. This game is packed with the Great natural voices, amazing character interactions and 3D environments. One amazing feature that makes you play nonstop is its high quality Graphics.

No 6: Shadow Guardian

Anyone who play this game will forget themselves with this games virtual reality. Its adventures and fast paced action provides the aggravated senses to the player who play it.

No 7: Eternal Legacy

This game is developed with the good blend of Sci-fi and fantasy. Players can use swords, robots, guns and oo course the magic to fight their foes.  Game quality and real time rendering are some of the most important features of this game.

No 8. Asphalt 6

It is yet another racing game for racing lovers. With the alien racing cars you have in your side, until you feel satisfied, you need to burn the rubbers. If you just have wifi connectivity, this game can be played in a multi player mode too.

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