List Of Top RPG Games For Android

The mobiles have become fancier over some of the years. The developers of the mobile phones first added the internet, camera and now most of the smart phones have the facility of laying the video games. These games are not like the budget games such as Tetris or Snake. The smart phones are highly capable in playing the video games, which has the same quality like the one that are produced by the portable gaming devices. Following are some of the rpg android games, read and get to know about these games.

rpg games for android

Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet

  • Magicka is the best android rpg games, it has the entertaining adventure and it is portable well for the android devices.
  • The controls in this game are smooth as well as the visuals are cartoony and vibrant till now.
  • This game features the cross platform multiplayer that allows you in enjoying the game with your Apple friends.
  • This stellar story gives you the remarkable uncommon experience in your tablet. This game has the full rating of five.

Nimble Quest:

  • This android rpg games are most probably the entertainment providing game was created by Nimblebit.
  • The Nimble quest uses the 16-bit artwork along with the great, which bring the great complement for the game.
  • In this game, you have to protect your fighters against the enemies. The rating of this game is 4.5.

Quadropus Rampage

  • The next one among the rpg android games is Quadropus Rampage. In this game, you will face in opposition to the fictional sea creatures.
  • The players in this game are divided in to the various platforms; they will deep in the ocean for destroying the Evil Sea God assistant.
  • Using the weapons, the players will be roaming around the sea for killing the enemies. The super smash attack can be performed by monitoring your rage meter.
  • The overall rating of this rpg games for android is 4.5.

Zenonia 2:

  • The next one among the rpg games for android is the Zenonia 2. This game is just like fantasy games of older one. This game is the old school Japanese rpg games.
  • The 2D graphics of this rpg android games are the best rpg games on the android games. This game is developed in the Korea country but mostly the Japanese rpg likes it.
  • This game will provide great entertainment as well as the great time killing game.


  • Most of the 80’s gamers like this Gurk game. This android rpg games are the video game of the old school style.
  • The total size of this game is 100 KB. You will find the 24 levels in this game. The total monsters to be killed in this game are 23.
  • On playing the original Nintendo game, sure you will this old school games. This game is very easy to play and it is one among the fun providing game.

Dungeon Defenders:

  • The next rpg games for android is Dungeon Defenders, which is available on the android phones.
  • This Dungeon Defenders game is the online action rpg such as the Baldur’s Gate and Torchlight.
  • The 3D graphics brings the stunning view to this game, which can be downloaded freely. At the same time, four players can play this game in online.
  • This game may be corny as well as it borrows some of the elements from the rpg games. The multiplayer facility and the visuals in this game bring fun on playing this game.

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