List Of Top 6 Ideas On How To Develop Android Apps

The excellent and popular OS to Smart phones having more than 300 million users is the Android. The android gives large market for the app developers for promoting their apps. Custom application development has high competition for around more than 450,000 apps in the Google play. To practice developing the android games apps for smart phones, you can make use of the android game development tutorial. To know on how to develop android apps, follow the below given ideas.

android game development tutorial

A Unique Idea:

  • The question on how to develop android apps either for utility or for gaming, it must be of indigenous and unique.
  • Instead of emulating the victory of the already existing app like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, and apps like Instagram, you can come up with some new creative ideas for getting success among the users.
  • Android game development tutorial provides you the unique idea for creating the custom application development.

Good User Interface:

  • The idea on how to develop android apps is to get the good user interface. For increasing the chance of noticing of app, it must have the outstanding design attached with the excellent user interface.

Rich features:

  • There are huge numbers of apps already present on the Google Play. Therefore, for getting the huge number of downloads, the new app must now only to be unique but it should contain rich feature.
  • The cricket app will not only provide live updates but it also provides match fixtures, ball by ball commentary and results, which is lacking in other, sport apps.


  • The custom application development besides the rich feature and the uniqueness, it should have the continuity in it.
  • Because there arrives the time, when user feel bore in one app, they will look for the something new in that one.
  • For example the angry bird have this continuity technique, it offers free app and the continuous tributary of the new versions. However, the user has to pay for this continuous stream.

Be Social:

  • As the social networks have gained high popularity, the custom application development idea includes social networks.
  • The benefits from this will be high. The social networks like Twitter, Facebook help in reach out for apps and satisfy the customer needs.
  • Viddy and Instagram ate the two apps, which has forced the social networking use to share the videos and the photos.

Customize for Android:

  • Though the iPhone have the user interface features, the android provides the flexibility by means of offering features like automation and alternate keyboard formats.
  • On android app development, instead of acclimatizing on android system, focusing on to integrate its features on your app will help in getting success on the Google play.

Android application development services include:

  • Mobile utilities development
  • Custom Android add-on development
  • Web-based application mobile development
  • Java-based games development
  • QA and testing services
  • Business app development
  • Android games development
  • Location based app development with GPS support
  • Multimedia mobile solutions
  • Communication mobile application development

The custom application development has many features, which helps in smooth running of the business. Microsoft, ASP.NET is the preferential technology whereas because of its powerful and dynamic web applications are building the custom web application development. The android games have the good market as it is liked by most of the people. So, to get more money, you can use the android game development tutorial to learn for developing the application by your own.

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