Best Samsung Android Games & Software

Even though there are many gadgets in the market today, one best company leading the market globally is none other than Samsung. This is the reason why I decided to present an article about the best Samsung android games along with useful Samsung android software. Let us not waste any more time and look about it in detail.

5 Best Samsung Android Games

The experience of playing Samsung android games is extremely unique. Although there are plenty of Samsung android games in the market, there are few that are just fantastic. Here are five ideal Samsung Android games. These Samsung android games are absolutely free. Few games are very rich visually along with 3Dgraphics.

1. Racing Live

samsung android gamesThis is one of the perfect Samsung android games that are created by none other than Storm8. A very well liked multiplayer racing games in online. It is also often updated with some new real estate, races, car parts, cars and many more.

2. Street Racing

samsung android driversThis is also one of the best multiplayer racing games in online. Do some sort of intended underworld jobs for purchasing and maintaining top cars and then increase your possibility to win the game. You can even buy some Prestige points individually.

3. Raging Thunder2

samsung android drivers

This multiplayer game is 2nd version of the original Raging Thunder1. However, this version is even more advanced. It has some astonishing graphics, outstanding 3D platform and amazing flow.

4. Light Racer

samsung android games

This game is entirely special as it allows you to play against few computer opponents. This is related to snake game along with striking graphics.

5. Need-for-Speed-Shift HD

samsung android games

This is the most admired racing games around the globe. It comes with stunning 3D graphics, which is at present available even for Galaxy-S smart phones absolutely for free. It has many unique racing cars as well as tracks to prefer from. It even has the career mode.

The above-mentioned Samsung android games are also available for almost all the other Android phones as well.

Samsung Android Software

There is plethora of applications or Samsung android drivers at the android market that you might not have pondered about. However, I will be focusing about some of the best Samsung android software or applications that you can make use right away. Let us look at the list.


This swish, fine designed and easy to make use of task manager application packs in some of the most helpful features, which could make out in becoming the app of your choice. Cloud synchronizing, sharing capabilities and automatic text prediction truly single it from the crowded genre.

Free / Download

Price of Persia

Relive the typical desktop side-scroll adventure, by some updated redesigned and graphics controls. There are amazing 14 levels as well as 5 separate environments for guiding the prince all the way through in making a ideal for livening those tedious commutes.

Cost: £1.99 / Download

BBC Weather

One of the most useful Samsung android software can be none other than BBC weather. Taking the BBC’s usually, reliable weather information and displaying it in well developed and a functional application is always will be winner. It automatically detects your locations and presents you with even minute weather data, making sure that you will suitably be known as to how the weather conditions are.

Free / Download

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