Best Android Games For Kids

From the day the mobile phone technology has got emerged, so many changes have been introduced and it keeps on grows until now. Initially mobile phones were invented for the purpose of fulfilling the 2-way communication.  By later on it was indemnified like, these handheld devices can be utilized for so many of the other purposes like music, games etc.  At first manufacturers were included simple applications like FM , simple games and music players and got a massive response.  By seeing such response a separate sector in IT was trained on the mobile phone gaming. Availability of recent integrated technologies and idea of different gaming genre lead the development of high quality graphics depth applications in mobile phones.

Craze on mobile phone gaming even grew higher after the booming of android mobile phones.  Now when it comes to mobile phone first thing everyone pay attention is what and all the games are supported in the particular model. Google play store is the place where the android developers offer their applications at either free or for some cost. In android market, you find android 3d games, Strategy games, multi player games, puzzle games and many more.

To play the multiplayer games you need to have the Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity.

Even though there are over 125, 000 of kids games are available at the Google Play store, finding the

A best android game for kids is not an easy task. For your convenience, here I have listed some of the coolest games for kids. Read on and make use of it

android games for kids

Alien Invasion

It’s a shooting game. In this game your kid can shoot their foes (Aliens )

Aliens using the canon by directing it in the left and right directions. You kids will shoot, shoot and shoot down the aliens to death.


It is one of the fun android games your kids can play with their android devices.  In this game, all your kid need to do id throwing their breakfast table as far as they can using the swinging moments made by their wrist. You need to bit careful. Watch out you kid, he may throw the mobile phone from the hand with the thought of breakfast table.

Ben 10

It is yet another fun android games for kids which is based on concept of saving Omnitrix . These Omnitrix are about to kill themselves with the reception wrong signals.  This game can be played in offline mode too.

Udder Madness

This best android games for kids is designed only a single thing in mind. Giving the kids the joy of playing to the core. It is a fast paced game. This game can be used in the kids learning too. It enables the responsive timing of their brain by making them draw a goat, a dog or a cat in not more than 10 to 20 seconds of time.

Micky & Minny

As it helps in memory function, it deserves the title of best android games for kids. In this game there will be many numbers of Micky and Minny pictures. Your kid need to match the pictures. When he matches the pictures at one level, automatically the picture in the next level will begin.


Older version of this game was fully developed with the dark theme. Now its interface is completely redesigned. Your kid can play this game as a single player or multi player mode. This game is capable of keeping your kid’s nerves in strain.

Kids Musical Balloons

Every kid love balloons. Imagine how much they will love when they hear some kind of music along with the balloons. This game is more suitable for the kids who have just learned to speak.

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