Android Apps Development – A Short Tutorial

What is an android?

As of today everyone are familiar with an android operating system. It is based on the Linux operating system. Name of the project which is designated to take care of the android system is known as ” Android Open Source Project”. It is lead by the search engine giant GOOGLE.

This ultimate Android operating system is widely used in mobile devices and other smart devices like smart watches. Android operating system provides support for background processing, 2d and 3d graphics by using the OpenGL libraries. You don’t need to export or import the databases when creating android apps. Because it provides a built in support for SQLLite database. Android system offers a very rich set of functions to design the user interface this is the reason for how android apps development  got a massive hit in the market.

Upon developing the android apps you will come across many different components. These offers the convenience of  reusability too.

developing android apps

Android platform components

Android system we are talking now consist of full software stack that can be defined into the following 4 areas.


When you look in details of Android Open Source project, you can see the support of many default applications like Gallery, Browser, Camera, Phone, Music, and many.

Application framework

Android API enables a high level of interaction between the android applications and operating system

Libraries & runtime

Provides a separate application framework to deal with the different kinds of functions such as web browsing, graphic rendering, camera functionalities and data storage. It also offers Dalvik runtime plus core Java libraries which will support the android applications

Linux kernel

As with all other operating system, in android apps development Linux kernel

serves a mediator for the operating system and its underlying hardware.

Things i have told you before are the basics for creating android apps. Now let’s assume, you have installed Android SDK and you are now ready for developing android apps.

Links I have added in the mid of post will be of good use to you for creating android apps on your own for the first time. Valuable information like how to create your own android applications, documentation code, references can also be found easily as you work with the several different android tutorials.

Proper look at the Android SDK will help you in learning the development tools, source codes and emulator tools which all will be needed to create any android application.

Android apps development  – first step

Through the link given below, you can know about the steps you need to take in your first android apps development . It will take you through the anatomy of android applications, android development tools and obviously with the very first our most familiar ” hello world” project too.

Reference :

Developing Android Apps

If you know Java well then android will not seem much tougher for you. The development tools and procedures we use to develop the android apps are much same as the one we use for Java. Core libraries provided in the android will help you with the functions that smart enough to build any high quality android application. It provides development tools that can make your tasks like debugging, running and testing easier.


Why you should become an android app developer?

Android is booming in the smart phone market. It’s the one reason, the other is, if you have little creativity and skill in developing android apps, you can make money very easily through Google Play. If you are a serious programmer then surely android apps development can lift you to some great heights.

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