5 Best HD Android Games For Free

The popularity of android oriented smart phones is getting wider. There are new android devices coming up with enhanced battery, performances and graphics every year. Playing some HD android games at these devices are truly amazing. You must feel this experience. The display is just stunning. However, you can find many games at the store but there are certain android games HD that you must be aware of. Below is the list of free games android that are associated with HD.

Top 5 HD Android Games

1. Real Racing – 3

hd android games

This is the best HD android games connected with racing. It offers realistic graphics, realistic driving, realistic cars, realistic people, realistic tracks etc. This is simply an ideal game for none other than racing. It is absolutely the finest looking racing game I have played in an android device. There is no crashing like in Burnout or NFS. Just as other android games HD, even in this game your car will be damaged if suppose you brush the walls. It needs to be periodically serviced for none other than proper maintenance. It even has a characteristic called – “Time-Shifted Multiplayer”. In this specific mode, player racing against their rivals are never AI controlled. To a certain extent, they are actual people who had finished the race prior you finished it. Overall, it is good game, with not much thrilling but good for time pass. The finest point is the graphics.

  • This free android games HD has been rated with 4 stars by the public
  • It is absolutely free to download
  • It has enhanced graphics and performance
  • There are 180+ fresh events in this game
  • It has fresh progression system
  • It has real tracks and real cars
  • More choices to pick from than before

2. Dead Trigger

android games hd

  • This is one of the best HD android games and has been rated 4.6 stars
  • It even supports additional effects in Tegra 3 gadgets
  • It has stunning graphics with intuitive controls
  • The characters are designed with 3D
  • It has reworked tutorials for the newcomers
  • It has enhanced user interface
  • The android OS and size varies with the device

3. Death Dome

free games android

  • This is yet again one of the best HD android games that has been rated with 4.6 stars by the audience
  • The memory size of this game is 467 MB
  • It needs an android version (OS) of 2.1 or higher
  • Fight against horrible enemies with cool new weapons
  • You can learn new techniques and skills when you progress with this game
  • It has stunning graphics that you will not find anywhere else
  • If you are a fan of infinity blade then you must certainly play this game

4. NFL Pro – 2013

hd android games

With this game, you can play football in your android device

  • It is faster, better and stronger
  • It has been rated with 4.5 stars by the public
  • It occupies 199 MB and is free to download
  • It needs an android version of 2.3 or later

5. GT Racing Motor Academy

android games hd

  • It one of the amazing android games HD with cool new cars
  • Elaborate and new engines
  • It has some popular cool cars like Audi, Nissan GTR, Ferrari models etc
  • Amazing tracks to drive on
  • Supports 6 multi players simultaneously
  • It occupies 1 MB memory in your device
  • It requires an android operating system of 2.1 or higher

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