5 Best Android GPS Apps

Even though there are many best paid android games, there are few apps in android that helps you with safety. These are none other than the android GPS apps. If you are wondering as to what are the best android GPS apps, then check the below list.

5 Best Android GPS Apps

As Android Market developed in popularity, even many android developers created some useful applications. Even now, these developers constantly upgrade versions for keeping the customers attached to the applications. GPS is limited in many huge companies and even other major institutions. However, with some applications, one can permit even the portable gadgets to employ these astonishing GPS technology.

It is not a problem if you own a tablet or smart phone but android has figured out as to what you want already. Until you use the Android operating system, the alternatives to download best GPS applications are just endless. By using GPS enabled gadgets, you will be able to even track some persons or even locate someone.

What kind of android GPS apps should you prefer, then? There are many free applications as well as many android GPS apps for a smaller price. Certainly, you will see many of them at Android Market. However, following are the five ideal android GPS apps:

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1. Google Maps

Internet monster Google has developed many intelligent technologies. However, among all GoogleMaps is without doubt the finest technology yet. This stunning application is presented for the Android version 1.6 or later. Unlike some other applications involving GPS, Google Maps lets you by taking a complete look at all the locations by just using Satellite View or Street View. You can even zoom in the map for detailed look if in case you wish to have clearer as well as more precise sight. Even if a person lives at the extreme corner in this world, he or she will not go disappointed or wrong with the help of Google Maps.

2. Loopt

This is one of the portable Android GPS apps that provide some astonishing features such as receiving notifications while a person is been spotted at close by location. You can even toggle in between satellite and map modes. With this android GPS app, it is literally possible for sharing info through some social media such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

3. Glympse

With the help of G1′s GPS creative technology, team of Glympse had created this as one of the innovative android GPS apps. Users can easily identify the current position that can then be shared to family, colleagues and friends. However, for sharing along, you will never have the requirement of registering or login like other applications. Glympse is pretty safe and viewing your spot can be only viewed between fifteen minutes and four hours.

4. Locale

Many customers are raving with this app for the reason that it is completely convenient and simple. With the help of your location, the settings of your phone can be accustomed conveniently. Simple reminders such as charging the battery and switching your phone into silent mode at cinema theatres are truly possible. This is ideal for an individual who mostly forget day-to-day activities, since one can easily configure the gadget doing whatever.

5. CoPilot

This is one of the perfect android GPS apps for occasional traveler and jet setter. With CoPilot, one can literally plan the access maps and routes that might be easily downloaded onto your gadget. If you got an SD or memory card holding larger memory, then you can have the entire map. Aside from astonishing features, CoPilot even has user-friendly yet striking interface. This application even lets you use some voice alerts.

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